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A Sock By Any Other Name

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I happen to love fun and holiday-themed socks. The problem is that I’m very bad at organization, so I basically have a jumbled drawer full of multicolored socks. So, morning comes, I’m getting ready for work, I find a sock I want to wear, search for approximately 30 seconds for it’s mate, then swear under my breath and just grab the nearest sock. Sometimes, I feel this is cosmic, because it ends up matching my mood. For example, this is today’s random pick:


As you can see, the right is a basic red Christmas sock, indicating that I’m jolly. Which I am, relatively, for 6:08am. However, the sock on the left is my skull & crossbone sock, which means that this could change at any moment, and I may go all Lara Croft Tomb Raider on someone. This is because I ran 4 miles last night, so things are a little sensitive in my lower parts this morning. Unfortunately, it’s not really acceptable to go around showing my socks to people, particularly since my feet seem to not smell very fresh lately, but at least I know what’s down there, and, should I have to go Lara Croft on someone, my excuse shall be that the sock made me do it. Once sandal season starts, though, I’m screwed.

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