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P-p-p-poke ‘er face?

Today, I got Poked.

Honestly, I’d forgotten that Poking existed. I mean sure, I Poked quite a few men (and some women, I’m not ashamed to say) back in my heyday, but I haven’t even thought about Poking for years. What exactly does Poking mean these days? Poking was considered quite a bold and overtly flirtatious move back in my day. I recall the first time I got Poked. I was so young and innocent back then. I remember messaging my friend about the cute boy who Poked me (“OMG! I done been Poked!”) (Because apparently I was from Arkansas at the time.), and wondering if it meant we were about to go steady, or perhaps spawn some tiny Paula In The Country babies. But in these modern times, with the existence of Snapchat, cleavage and penis pics, why, Poking seems like the Laura Ingalls Wilder of the virtual flirtation world. Still, it felt good to be Poked. Earlier today I had a lady drop a door on my face, and I had a guy send me a picture of himself with a cowboy hat on his penis. I’ll take a good Poke over that stuff any day.

Thank you, drive-by Poker.

Poke ya later.


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Posted by on December 15, 2013 in Humor, Social Media


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