Life Is Hard. Blogging Is Harder.

19 Sep

Dear one person who may read this blog:

Ok, ok… I know… I’ve been neglecting my blog.

I’ve discovered one of my character flaws, of which there are very few, I may add, is that I tend to lose interest in things rather quickly. One day I want to blog, the next day I want to wear leather pants and start a rock band, the next day I want to do standup, the next day I want to bake cupcakes… You get the idea. Plus, I’ve been very busy attending high-class functions (like Spin class at the YMCA), and focusing on my health (like eating Baked Cheetos). But today I happened to be inspired by a brilliant blog that a friend shared with me and told me that it could’ve been written by me. And I’m like, “Huh? I mean, I’m sort of amusing at times, like after a few RumChata drinks, but could I potentially really write something THAT interesting, and smart, and laugh-out-loud funny? Come on now. What do you want? Are you moving in the near future and require the use of my roomy hatchback vehicle?”. But, as it turns out, surprisingly enough, she was not alone in her opinion. So, let’s give this another shot. I’ll think of something interesting to blog about, I swear.

Don’t go anywhere.

Please love me.


Paula In The Country

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